Update from the Warehouse (Fall 2017)

By Matt Shull, Warehouse Supervisor – Tyndale Houston Distribution Center

Here in the distribution centers of Tyndale, we’re always looking for ways to get product to our customers faster.  We strive for internal efficiency, but not at the expense of customer satisfaction.  So we’ve set aggressive goals to improve process, carry more inventory, and add more capacity:

  1. Improve process: We’ve spent the last 6 months making big improvements to our receiving process. On a normal day our distribution facilities receive thousands of garments. Finding a way to process those items quickly is critical. So we’ve partnered with our vendors to get advanced shipping notifications or ASNs.  These ASNs tell us what items are on their way to our distribution centers and when they are scheduled to arrive. Using the ASNs we “pre-receive” the goods so that when they are delivered they can be checked in and put away immediately. This helps us get inventory on the shelf and ready to ship to customers faster.
  2. Carrying more Inventory: Tyndale closely tracks the “fill rate,” which measures what percentage of the time an ordered item is on the shelves when an order is placed. We have invested in more inventory to make sure that when an order is placed the item is ready to fill that order.  So, we’ve committed to increase our inventory in both distribution centers. Tyndale brand apparel and garments from key distributors – Ariat, Carhartt, Bulwark, NSA, and more – are all waiting for customers in our Pennsylvania and Houston distribution centers.
  3. Adding distribution capacity: We have also been making some big improvements to our existing warehouses. Recently in Pennsylvania our shipping department got a big makeover. This created more space for us to expand our embroidery department.  Then we added more embroidery machines and hired more operators to run them.  By adding more embroidery machines we increase our capacity to embellish garments significantly. This means more orders get to the customer faster. Not only are we adding capacity to the Pennsylvania distribution center, we’ve got a big Texas style expansion planned for the Houston distribution center as well. Stay tuned for that big announcement.

Everyone working in Tyndale’s Distribution Centers is thoroughly committed to offering our customers the best possible user experience. And I promise that we will continue to look for innovative new ways to get your FR clothing to you even faster. Stay safe!

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