Increase Access to Innovation through Choice!

This is the fourth post in a six-part series on the power of choice in your arc-rated flame resistant (FR) clothing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) programs. This post focuses on increased access to clothing innovation and why it’s one of the top reasons cited by safety managers for moving to a managed choice program. Stay tuned for additional posts in this series on increases morale and cost reduction through a choice program.

We live in a time of continuous innovation, with fierce competition to offer the next best thing. In a retail setting, consumers have access to a wide range of products, with broad choice based on personal preference. Why should this experience be any different in FR clothing or PPE programs? Good news – it doesn’t have to be!

Today’s consumer is informed and accustomed to having access to broad choice – from performance gear to functional wear, they are looking for this same access and choice in their FR clothing program. Especially because innovative FR clothing products are available! Stiff, boxy, hot, and industrial style FR clothing is a thing of the past! FR and PPE manufacturers have made huge strides in FR garment innovation and style.

Creating a choice PPE program that ensures access to products increases wearer satisfaction. A no-choice program (which typically have contracts lasting 3-5 years) limits the wearers to a single color, fabric and garment style. This severely restricts the ability to leverage choice up front, and product and fabric innovation as it occurs. Watch our video below and read on to learn more:

Choice programs are designed to allow real-time access to more comfortable, more stylish, or innovative new garments as they come on the market. As both a manufacturer and distributor, Tyndale offers the widest range of products in the industry. This puts us in the unique position to not only develop new styles as part of our own line, but offer new, innovative products from industry-leading suppliers like Ariat, Bulwark, Carhartt, Wrangler, and more!

Tyndale’s solution features an automated company-funded program that provides each employee with an annual allowance or allotment from which employees can purchase a preferred combination of company-approved FR clothing. This allows workers to choose from a variety of FR clothing styles and fabrics—driving end-user satisfaction, comfort, and compliance. This also ensures that employees are selecting from FR that provides reliable FR protection, has been vetted for compliance with industry standards, and meets your company’s own expectations of quality, durability.


Ready to get started with a managed program? Want to explore the latest FR brands and add more variety to an existing program? Contact us today at 800-356-3433. Stay tuned for our next post in this series which focuses on increased employee morale through a choice program!

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