Offer Choice, Increase Compliance


This is the second post in a six-part series on the power of choice in your arc-rated flame resistant (FR) clothing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) programs. This post focuses on compliance and why compliance rates increase when employees are offered choice. Stay tuned for additional posts in this series that explore the top reasons cited by safety managers for moving to a managed choice program, including improved comfort, access to innovations, morale, and cost reduction.


Compliance rates rise considerably when individual wearers are empowered with choice, which is one of the many reasons companies choose to switch from a no-choice program to a choice program.

A survey of 2,000 FRC wearers demonstrated that the #1 driver of customer satisfaction with a FR clothing program is “a wide selection of available garments.”

Employers may think that the easiest way to achieve compliance is to offer a single shirt and pant combination in a single fabric, style, and color, however, this type of no-choice program may actually have the opposite effect.

In a no-choice program, worker morale suffers because employees feel like they have no say in a very personal decision: the clothing they are wearing every day! When workers aren’t happy in their clothing, they may not wear it because they are uncomfortable – which we talk about more in our next post – or worse, not wear it at all.

Workers that are given a choice are more likely to take pride in the clothing they’ve selected and therefore, more likely to wear the required clothing and maintain it properly, meaning fewer compliance issues.

End-user satisfaction is key in FR clothing and PPE programs because workers who do not wear protective clothing or care for it properly are at higher risk of injury in the event of a hazard. Improve worker morale and watch compliance issues decline by giving workers true choice in their FR program!


Stay tuned for our next post in this series which focuses on how choice leads to increased comfort!

Contact us today to learn more about Tyndale’s solution, which features an automated company-funded program that provides each employee with an annual allowance or allotment from which employees can purchase a preferred combination of company-approved FR clothing. This allows workers to choose from a variety of FR clothing styles and fabrics—driving end-user satisfaction, comfort, and compliance.

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