Goodbye Generic Workwear, Hello Stylish FR Clothing

Think about the cell phone you have today, compared to the cell phone you had 10 years ago. Just as the sleek, smart phone you carry today bears no resemblance to your bulky cell phone of yesteryear, the arc-rated flame resistant (FR) clothing of today has come a long way:

Past generations of FR were viewed by many as stiff, boxy, hot, and industrial. But now, many popular brands workers choose to wear off the clock also offer FR!

Today’s FR is almost identical to “street clothing” in terms of style, weight, comfort, and wash-ability—to the point that manufacturers use distinct exterior labeling so that you can tell your FR apart from your other – non-FR – clothing.

Do your workers like western workwear from Ariat, Cinch, and Wrangler? Sport performance brands like Under Armour? Outdoor adventure brands like the North Face? Iconic traditional work wear from Carhartt? All of these styles – and many of these same brands – can now be found in FR!

And, brands like Bulwark are harnessing new technology to introduce totally new concepts of comfort and style. In fact, Bulwark leveraged the revolutionary Westex by Milliken® G2™ technology to create its stylish iQ Series garments—offering cutting-edge protection with a lighter fabric weight.

Tyndale is a proud distributor of these FR lines, and more—including our own line of Made in USA FR and our NEW Versa Collection!

As new styles are continually introduced and the gap between “street” and FR styles continues to shrink, allowing workers to choose from a variety of FR styles and fabrics drives satisfaction, comfort, and compliance. In fact, a survey of 2,000 FR wearers demonstrated that the #1 driver of customer satisfaction with a FR clothing program is “a wide selection of available garments.”

How can I harness the power of choice?

Since comfort characteristics are subjective and perception varies from person to person, allowance programs like Tyndale’s allow employees to select their individual preferred combination of Company-approved FR clothing styles – leading to greater satisfaction and compliance on the job while:

  • Placing a hard cap on per-employee spending,
  • Creating an OSHA audit and product quality trail,
  • Saving time and hassle by enabling employees to deal directly with Tyndale for all ordering, question or issue resolution, and returns.
  • Ensuring employees are selecting from FR that provides reliable FR protection, has been vetted for compliance with industry standards, and meets your company’s own expectations of quality, durability.
  • Making business insight data readily available to your company.

Ready to get started with a managed program? Want to explore the latest FR brands and add more variety to an existing program? Contact us today at 800-356-3433.

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