Leading FR Rainwear for Energy Workers

Our country’s demand for energy does not take a break during bad weather, and neither do the brave men and women working to keep the lights on or produce the fuels we rely on each day. It is critical to ensure these workers have access to protective rainwear during inclement weather, as non-arc/flame resistant or non-compliant rainwear can leave them open to burn injury in the event of an arc flash or flash fire incident.

No matter your budget or specific requirements, arc-rated/flame resistant (FR) rainwear options by Lakeland, ML Kishigo, NASCO, Neese, NSA, Occunomix, Tingley, and more ensure your workers can stay dry and comfortable—without compromising on safety and compliance.

Choose arc flash, flash fire, or dual hazard rainwear vetted for compliance with industry safety standards:

Read on to explore a sampling of leading FR rainwear options available today:

Featured Arc Flash Protective Rainwear

ArcLite Air by NASCO

ArcLite Air (R30GN / R31FN) uses a composite film with CCT Technology™ to make it 40% lighter than the lightest arc-rated product on the market. In addition to ASTM F1891 arc flash protection, the ArcLite Air is:arclite-air

  • Lightweight, reducing risk of heat stress—especially compared to PVC-based products
  • Made from 5oz DuPont® Nomex® Kevlar®
  • Wind- and waterproof
  • Soft and flexible
  • ASTM F2733 rated for dual hazard protection
  • ANSI 107-2015 Type R, Class 3 compliant for visibility
  • Fall protection access
  • Made in USA

Arc H2O by NSA

This hi-visibility rainwear (R307Y / R317Y) offers protection from the elements, as well as potential arc hazards and open flames. It features:h2o

  • Made from 10oz FR Polyurethane (PU) moisture barrier with an FR cotton weft knit fabric
  • 100% waterproof with welded seams
  • Durable and will not become brittle with age
  • Mesh back ventilation and fall protection access
  • 30” jacket is ASTM F2733 rated for dual hazard protection
  • ANSI 107 Class 3 compliant
  • Made in USA

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Featured Flash Fire Protective Rainwear

PetroLite by NASCO

PetroLite (R329N / R316N) protects workers from flash fires (ASTM F2733), as well as electric arcs, chemical splash, and foul weather—all in one versatile suit recommended for oil and gas extraction, refining, chemical manufacturing, and more. PetroLite is:petrolite

  • Made from 13.5oz Nomex® IIIA with FR neoprene moisture barrier
  • ASTM F1891 rated for dual hazard protection
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Heavy duty
  • Feature rich
  • Made in USA

And, don’t miss our post on Targo Foul Weather Outerwear by Gore® FR Apparel, which uses Gore-Tex® Pyrad® technology to shield oil and gas workers from inclement weather. Tyndale is proud to partner with GORE® FR Apparel to bring this revolutionary new foul weather outerwear to the oil and gas market.

Featured Dual Hazard Rainwear

Omega by NASCO 

Intended for use by electric and gas utilities as well as oil and gas workers, the versatile Omega suit (R302N / R312N) offers both arc flash (ASTM F1891) and flash fire (ASTM F2733) protection. It is:omega

  • Made from 9oz Omega outer shell with Nomex® knit inside and PTFE moisture barrier, Omega is lightweight and breathable to reduce worker heat stress
  • Wind- and waterproof
  • Stain & soil release
  • Removable winter liners are available
  • ANSI 107 Class 3 Compliant
  • Fall protection access
  • Made in USA

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And, for best results, brush up on our FR layering recommendations to ensure your workers are using all three layers of the FRC system – the inner layer, outer layer, and waterproof layer – to their advantage.

Getting Startedraingear catalog cover and items

Tyndale is a proud distributor of the rainwear options featured above—and more! Tune in to our post outlining three tips to selecting FR rainwear, and learn more about the benefits of a managed rainwear program.

Then, contact your National Account Executive or call Tyndale at 800-356-3433 to request an FR rainwear catalog and get started today! Rainwear is backed by our warranty and 30+ years of industry experience.

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