GORE® FR Apparel’s Foul Weather Outerwear for Oil & Gas

Dedicated to continually raising the bar on worker safety, comfort, and convenience, Tyndale is proud to partner with GORE® FR Apparel to bring the new TARGO FR foul weather outerwear with GORE-TEX® PYRAD® fabric to the oil and gas market.

This dynamic, cutting-edge outerwear is uniquely equipped to support oil and gas workers during physically-demanding work in wind, rain, and snow. In addition to ASTM F2733 flash fire protection, the Gore® FR Apparel TARGO FR foul weather outerwear offers important benefits:

  • Lightweight and low-bulk to support comfort and range of motiongore
  • Hot liquid, steam, petroleum, and oil-based mud resistant
  • Highly breathable, with excellent sweat management
  • Resistant to abrasion, snagging, and cracking
  • Rated ASTM F1891 for dual hazard protection
  • ANSI 107-2015 Type O, Class 1 compliant for visibility
  • Machine wash and dry

Tyndale and Gore® FR Apparel have received an exceptionally positive response to the new TARGO FR foul weather outerwear through a series of end user wear trials. “I would recommend it to anyone,” said one participant, after trialing the suit in varying temperatures, weather conditions, and tasks over the course of a two-week trial.

In fact, participants consistently rated the suit more effective, less bulky, and more comfortable than their current rainwear—particularly in sustained exposures to inclement weather. Praise was exceptionally positive in the following areas:

  • Weather Resistance: “Rain all day long. Pants and coat still very dependable.”
  • Durability: “I believe it would take the abuse in all aspects of our job.”
  • Simple Care: “Washing the GORE® outfit was easy, dries really fast.”

This next-generation line of foul weather outerwear includes a jacket (R30GY), bib (R31HY), and detachable hood (R345Y).

Plus, as with FR daily wear, Tyndale’s flexible programs make it easy to manage and track rainwear purchases:

  • Include the GORE® FR Apparel TARGO suit alongside FR daily wear in your company’s catalog, and appropriately increase employee allowances, OR
  • Add a separate allowance or allotment just for FR rainwear; employees simply select between the FR rainwear and FR daily wear programs in their online accounts.

If you would like to make GORE® FR Apparel’s TARGO foul weather outerwear available to your employees, contact your National Account Executive or call Tyndale at 800-356-3433 today!

The GORE® FR Apparel TARGO foul weather outerwear is the latest addition to Tyndale’s innovative product and service offering. Look to Tyndale for early access to other new technologies in the future!


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