Workers Looking to Give Their Old Boots the Boot?

This is the first post in a four-part series providing an overview of Tyndale’s boot program along with the applicable industry standards – ASTM F2412, ASTM F2413, and ASTM F2892. In this post we provide an overview of our boot program, which offers flexible solutions for company’s requiring foot protection for employees.

Tyndale can develop a boot program to meet the needs of any organization requiring foot protection for their employees. The goal of our program is to deliver flexibility, choice and convenience to your company’s employees while eliminating the burden of ordering, enforcing spend, tracking, and distributing boots. Take advantage of a Tyndale managed boot program with our flexible options:

  • Buy direct from Tyndale: Include an assortment of quality boots, competitively priced at approximately 20% below retail, alongside FRC in your company’s catalog.
    • Buy online or at a local store: Allow employees to purchase their preferred boots and submit their receipt – with supervisor signoff – to Tyndale for processing and reimbursement out of the employee’s managed program account. Transaction fee applies.
  • Leverage an add-on program: Create a separate boot catalog, along with a boot-specific allowance or allotment. After logging in, employees can select between catalogs, using separate stipends to order company-approved items.

In all options, total spend is enforced and boot purchases are tracked and reported – just like in a Tyndale FR clothing program! Since OSHA’s estimated cost per employee for FR protective apparel (based on 1910.269), at approximately $455 per employee does not include the cost of protective footwear, employers will want to consider increasing yearly allowance amounts to compensate for protective footwear.


Tyndale’s wide selection of quality, price-competitive boot options come with reliable delivery. Our commitment to providing the best products and services is demonstrated by our program flexibility and product offering:

  • Choose from electric hazard protection, impact resistance, compression resistance, static dissipative properties, and more, protecting against on-the-job hazards while meeting your company’s specific requirements and budget.
  • Shop from a full selection of leading brands like Ariat, Carhartt, Justin, Thorogood, Timberland PRO, Wolverine, and more!
  • All items we sell are vetted for compliance with applicable industry standards – ASTM F2412, ASTM F2413, and ASTM F2892, backed by our warranty and 30+ years of industry experience. Stay tuned for the next posts in our series, providing more information on applicable industry boot standards.

Ready to Get Started with a Boot Program Extension?

Let Tyndale manage the program so you can manage your business! Contact your National Account Executive or call us at 800-356-3433 today. And stay tuned for our next post in this series which will provide an overview of the standard test methods for Safety Toe Protective Footwear.

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