Tired of Headaches Around Buying and Distributing FR Rainwear?

…Let Tyndale manage the program for you!

Rainwear is critical to maintaining comfort and healthy body temperature in wet conditions. Otherwise, your clothing will absorb both precipitation and your body’s perspiration as you work. Wet clothing, in turn, reduces energy efficiency, productivity, and leaves you open to cold stress.  Most critically, incorrect or insufficient rainwear can lead to burn injury in the event of an arc flash or flash fire.

Luckily, no matter your budget or specific requirements, Tyndale is your one-stop solution provider! Take your FR clothing program one step farther by consolidating your FR rainwear program with Tyndale. No need to juggle separate suppliers or manage data internally!


Rainwear Programs

As with flame resistant daily wear, Tyndale offers a wide selection of quality, price-competitive FR rainwear options through best-in-class managed programs. Our flexible FR rainwear allowance and allotment programs deliver choice and convenience to your employees while eliminating the burden of ordering, enforcing spend, tracking, and distributing FR rainwear. It’s simple:

  • Include an assortment of rainwear alongside FRC in your company’s catalog, and appropriately increase employee allowances, OR
  • Create a separate catalog of FR rainwear; employees select between catalogs, using separate stipends to order approved amounts of company-approved FR clothing and rainwear.

Rainwear purchases are managed and tracked just like they are with a managed clothing program! Critically, this ensures employees receive only their allotted amount of rainwear—rather than a new suit from the storeroom each time it rains!—and delivers cost and time savings compared to managing rainwear distribution internally. Click here to learn more about each of our flexible program options.

Rainwear Options

Tyndale is the largest stocking distributor of NASCO FR rainwear – which is Made in USA! – and a distributor of other leading lines by Lakeland, ML Kishigo, Neese, NSA, Occunomix, Tingley, and more.rainwear

Choose arc flash, flash fire, or dual hazard rainwear vetted for compliance with industry safety standards:

Our selection includes:

Rainwear is backed by our warranty and 30+ years of industry experience!

Ready to add an FR rainwear to your Tyndale FR clothing program?

Contact your Tyndale Account Manager or call Tyndale at 800-356-3433 for an FR rainwear catalog and quick start-up information.

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