Get Even More Out of Your Tyndale Program!

At Tyndale, we’ve built our business on saving our customers time and money while increasing tracking and reporting for arc-rated/flame resistant clothing (FRC). But Tyndale is much more than an FRC supplier. Take your program one step farther by consolidating your protective boot, FR rainwear, and storeroom PPE supply programs with Tyndale. No need to juggle separate suppliers or manage data internally!

Tyndale’s flexible options deliver choice and convenience to your employees while eliminating the burden of ordering, enforcing spend, tracking, and distributing purchases internally. Choose the option that’s right for you:

  • Buy direct from Tyndale: Include an assortment of quality, competitively-priced boots or rainwear alongside FRC in your company’s catalog, and appropriately increase your employees’ allowances. Employees can choose a combination of FRC and boots or rainwear based on their needs and preferences.
  • Leverage an add-on program: Create a separate catalog of company-approved boots or FR rainwear. After logging in, employees can select between catalogs, using separate stipends to order company-approved amounts of company-approved items.
  • Create a bulk ordering program: This program allows administrators and/or supervisors to login and order company-approved FR rainwear or PPE in bulk quantities for their groups or to keep your storerooms stocked.
  • Tyndale reimbursement program (boots only): Increase employee allowances and allow employees to purchase their preferred boots from a favorite website or local store, submitting their receipt – with supervisor signoff – to Tyndale for processing and reimbursement out of the employee’s managed program account. Transaction fee applies.


As with FR dailywear, Tyndale offers a wide selection of quality, price-competitive products with reliable delivery. All items we sell are vetted for compliance with applicable industry standards and test methods and backed by 30+ years of industry experience.

Learn more about our product options and the standards governing each type of protection by tuning into our related series sets:

Tyndale also offers:

  • Add-on specialty products, like Ice PodzFR – an accessory that helps to keep workers cool, and FFT laundry solution – which eliminates ground-in oil and grease from everyday wear.
  • Non-FR uniforms and workwear

Ready to Get Started with a Program Extension?

Let Tyndale manage the program so you can manage your business! Contact your National Account Executive or call us at 800-356-3433 today.

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