Frustrated with FRC Rental? Hybrid to the Rescue!

The problem:

Workers frustrated with industrial laundry no longer turn-in their garments each week — but you’re still paying the same weekly price for the service.  You still need industrial laundry because some workgroups are exposed to heavy soils or flammable contaminants that are difficult to remove in home laundry.

The solution:

Leverage a “hybrid” program – direct purchase with managed industrial laundry service – and reap the benefits of both! End users enjoy the best in arc-rated/flame resistant clothing (FRC) selection and receive access to the laundry service they need, while management achieves bottom-line savings and improves overall service and satisfaction.

How a hybrid program works:

At Tyndale, we know that no two companies are alike. That’s why our unique direct purchase program with managed laundry service delivers the flexibility you require to meet the needs of your workers.  Customize the clothing program, product mix, and option of industrial laundry service to the unique needs of distinct subgroups within your organization, and enjoy these benefits in the process:

  • Cost savings: Leverage the convenience and cost-effectiveness of home laundry, providing laundry service only to those groups who need it.
  • Product Selection: Tyndale’s solution drives end user comfort, satisfaction, and compliance by allowing companies to offer employees a wide variety of items and add new items to the program at any time.
  • Replacement Garments: Since Company owns the clothing, replacements for damaged or worn out garments are purchased at Company’s discretion with no hidden fees.
  • Straightforward Billing: Tyndale’s laundry department offers stringent oversight of every laundry invoice we receive, translating to billing only for services rendered, with no hidden fees. We provide concise, clear invoices.
  • Customer Service & Communication: Tyndale remains the single point of contact for all aspects of the program, providing comprehensive customer service. Laundry service is coordinated directly between Tyndale’s laundry department and a local laundry, eliminating frustrating and costly back-and-forth common with traditional lease-and-launder programs.
  • Experience: With over 30 years of experience in building flexible apparel solutions to meet the needs of leading organizations, Tyndale currently provides direct purchase apparel services to customers in all 50 states and can supply managed laundry in virtually any state.
  • Incentive: Your company purchases the clothing upfront and owns the clothing outright, so there are no buyout clauses. Plus, you have the flexibility to terminate the agreement ‘at will’ for poor performance – clear incentive for your supplier to provide top-notch service.
  • Value-adds: Tyndale’s value-adds and program management – including direct-to-employee garment and spend tracking and reporting – minimize total cost of ownership.

Learn more:

Ready to unlock savings and get started with a managed laundry program? Contact Tyndale today at 800-356-3433 and dial extension 679 to discuss your specific needs. Click here to request an overview of Tyndale’s solution.

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