Up and Coming: Tyndale’s Top New Products of 2015

This is the third post in a three-part series looking back at our top products of 2015. In our first post, we highlighted a sampling of our most popular products of 2015. Then, in our second post, we explored a few of our Best Rated Products of 2015. Now, in our third and final post, we will revisit some of our Most Exciting New Products Introduced in 2015.

Tyndale developed and established managed clothing programs as the industry benchmark more than 30 years ago, and was one of the first suppliers to offer retail-style online ordering that integrates seamlessly with our automated program management system. Throughout our history, we’ve also been dedicated to designing products workers want to wear while raising the bar on comfort—with an unwavering commitment to worker safety.

Today, Tyndale continues to innovate – both in in terms of our overall program management and the products we offer.  We are committed to manufacturing products that deliver the comfort, style, and features workers want—directly contributing to end user compliance—while meeting or exceeding industry safety standards and our own strict expectations of quality. Our Product Development Team responds to our customers’ feedback and product needs, helping us to ensure the best fit, quality and innovation on the market. Here are just a few of the exciting arc-rated flame resistant clothing (FRC) innovations we introduced in 2015:

  1. Lightweight HRC4 Arc Jacket (M830Y) and Pant (M820Y), made with two layers of 7.8oz FRMC® (pictured at right): Tyndale is a proud distributor of this revolutionary new product M820Y-NVY-LRGmanufactured in the USA by NSA! Whereas past generations of arc suits were hot, bulky, and stiff, this innovative lightweight HRC4 arc suit is as comfortable as a sweatshirt and easy to slip on and off over daily wear! Mix and match with any beekeeper-style hood or face/head protection system for head-to-toe protection.
  2. Tool pouches: These “handy” tool pouches provide the extra pockets workers need with the FR protection required to keep them safe on the jobsite. Workers can choose from four configurations – small pouch with flap (K98AT), large pouch with flab (K98BT), small pouch without flap (K98CT), and large pouch without flap (K98DT). All are made from HRC2 fabric, ensuring they will not contribute to injury in the event of an arc flash.
  3. Single Ply Balaclava (M956T) and Double Ply Balaclava (M957T), made with either one layer (M956T) or two layers (M957T) of 7.8oz FRMC® (pictured at right): Designed to help our customers meet protective requirements updated by the new OSHA 1910.269, both new balaclavas M957T-NVY-LRGoffer soft, inherently flame resistant fabric, an adjustable eye opening, and flatlock stitching for comfort. With two versions to choose from, customers can decide depending on the hazard and climate; the Single Layer is HRC 2, while the double layer version achieves an HRC4 rating! Easily differentiate between the two versions with front-and-center external labeling.
  4. FRC with Durable Insect Protection: Biting insects present a significant challenge for outdoor workers. Complicating the issue, many insect repellents – like those containing DEET – are flammable and should never be used with FRC. Tyndale’s exclusive FRMC® garments with durable Perimeter Insect Guard™ safely and effectively protect against disease-carrying mosquitos, ticks and other annoying insects for 50+ launderings! This exciting new line includes our Classic Henley Shirt (M06PT), Premium Button Down (M11PT), Premium Relaxed Fit Jean (F29PT), and Lightweight Canvas Pant (M29PT). These products are particularly helpful for outdoor workers with recent concern around the Zika virus.
  5. Tattersall Work Shirt (M125T), made with 7oz FRMC® Chambray: After being introduced in 2014, the Tattersall Work Shirt – with a plaid pattern woven into the fabric – quickly became a customer favorite. In 2015, Tyndale introduced a new color – blue with navy plaid.

 Never satisfied to rest on our laurels, you can expect continuous improvement from us and more great new products in 2016 and beyond!  

More Reasons to Love Tyndale-made FRC

  • We offer a full line of American-made products.
  • For full-service managed programs, our system tracks the fabric lot number for every Tyndale-made garment directly to the user who received the garment. This creates a safety audit trail.
  • All Tyndale garments feature exterior arc rating and HRC labeling, which keeps protective levels in plain sight. Our shirts and outerwear feature a Tyndale label on the left arm—so you can tell at a glance who is wearing FR.
  • Although fabric testing is the responsibility of the fabric manufacturer, Tyndale audits fabric from a strategic sampling of Tyndale garment lots in our onsite lab as an additional, voluntary safeguard.
  • Exclusive access to comfortable, breathable FRMC® fabrics
  • Our Tyndale-made product offering includes a complete line of FRC designed specifically for women!
  • All Tyndale-made garments are stocked in sizes through 5XL to deliver the best delivery available.

See Something You Like? Interested in a Tyndale Managed Program? Visit us at www.TyndaleUSA.com or call 800-356-3433 today!


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