A Choice Program: The Answer to Employee FRC Compliance

Struggling with employee compliance for your FRC Program? In many industries, like oil and gas or electric utilities, employee clothing is dictated by certain safety standards or workplace requirements the garments must meet. However, if your employees are uncomfortable in their flame resistant clothing (FRC), there is potential for garments to be worn incorrectly (rolling up sleeves, taking off protective layers, etc.), possibly resulting in a safety incident.

Luckily, the answer is simple: offer employees choice! Tyndale recognizes that garment characteristics are subjective and vary from person to person. Our experience has shown that giving employees that wear FRC different options – including garments they’re accustomed to wearing off the job – leads to greater satisfaction and compliance on the job. That’s why we make it easy to offer employee choice! As America’s #1 supplier of Wrangler® FRC, we can help create a customized FRC choice program with garments that mirror workers’ favorite everyday clothing. 

Why Choice?

Focused on reducing injury rates, the utility industry was the first to identify that the vast majority of single-layer FR fabrics provide comparable arc flash protection. This revelation led to the understanding that:

  • Heavier fabrics hold more heat in, and block more heat from the hazard.
  • Lighter fabrics let more heat escape, and let more heat through from the hazard.

And, although it’s difficult to consistently replicate the flash fire hazard in laboratory environment, the existing Lifestyle w logoconsensus standards for flash fire protection point to a similar relationship between fabric weight and protective capacity.

Once you accept the parity in protection between competing FR fabrics at comparable weights, it becomes clear that other factors should be considered:

  • Evaluate FR fabrics based on comfort, softness, durability, style, breathability characteristics.
  • Offer employee-level choice of multiple fabrics, as many of the evaluation factors are subjective and vary from individual to individual.

As a result, today’s FRC is becoming as wearable as the clothing users choose to wear off-the-clock. In fact, Wrangler® has introduced and expanded a line of FRC. Now, thanks to Wrangler® FRC, you can give your employees the same Wrangler® style and comfort they love and the protection they need.

With recent advancements like this in FRC style, workers are increasingly expecting their FRC to offer the same comfort, fit, and characteristics as their favorite everyday clothing.  In fact, a survey of 2,000 FRC wearers demonstrated that the #1 driver of customer satisfaction with a FRC clothing program is “a wide selection of available garments.”

Tyndale’s Choice Program

Tyndale – America’s #1 supplier of Wrangler® FRC – offers FRC from top brands to meet your company’s needs. Our selection includes a variety of products designed specifically for women!

Tyndale’s solution features an automated company-funded program that provides each employee with an annual allowance or allotment from which employees can purchase a preferred combination of company-approved FRC.

This allows workers to choose from a variety of FRC styles and fabrics—driving end-user satisfaction, comfort, and compliance. Plus, your company benefits from garment and spend tracking and reporting—delivering the lowest total cost of ownership.

Harnessing the Power of Choice

In traditional rental laundry programs, end-users are restricted to a single shirt and pant. Contrastingly, Tyndale’s solution allows your company to offer employees a wide variety of items and add new items with better protection and/or comfort ratings to the program at any time.

Looking for more information on transitioning from an industrial laundry to a direct purchase choice program?  Complete the information form below and we will send you an overview:

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