Kickoff the Season with FR Outerwear



It’s that time of year already – temperatures are cooling down, school has started, leaves are beginning to change, and football is back. Cold weather will be here before you know it! Kickoff the season with these important arc-rated flame resistant clothing (FRC) tips:


  1. Take inventory of your FRC. Industry standards dictate that the outer layer must be flame resistant (FR); if you’ll need new cold weather FRC for the winter season, do not delay – order FR outerwear today!
  2. Think ahead about other types of FRC you’ll need for cold weather comfort and layering.
  1. One of the biggest risks with FR outerwear is the
    buildup of dirt through time or contamination with flammable soils. Prepare for cold weather by washing your FR outerwear! Remember: never use chlorine bleach or flammable treatments like static guard, and avoid fabric softener and dryer sheets.
    To help with difficult cleaning, try applying detergent directly to the spot or dry cleaning. Make sure flammable stains are completely removed before the garment is worn again. For best results, brush up on care
    and maintenance guidelines with these resources:


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