How to Ensure You are Ordering the Right Size Pants

One of the challenges faced when purchasing arc-rated flame resistant (FR) pants is ensuring proper fit. Luckily, Tyndale offers two innovative tools that take the guesswork out of purchasing pants online:


  • Tyndale’s “How to Measure” video, helps shoppers understand product fit, how to accurately measure waist size and get the best-fitting pants the first time. The result? Fewer returns and safety compliance issues.
  • Product-specific sizing videos demonstrate pant fit on all Tyndale pants and our most-popular selling pants from other suppliers. Using video of the pants worn on three different body types – slim build, average build and stocky build – shoppers order based on seeing the pant size videoproduct on an actual model. This visual, combined with information on the product and details of the model’s height and weight, makes it much easier to determine the proper size to order.

Our Resources are Key to Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Ill-fitting garments leave the wearer dissatisfied, uncomfortable, and potentially unsafe. Workers who are uncomfortable in their FR garments are more likely to compromise their protection by altering their clothing or even violating company safety policy in favor of clothing that provides increased comfort.

Tyndale’s industry-leading resources and videos help ensure employee satisfaction and ultimately, employee safety. By taking advantage of Tyndale’s unique managed program, employers automatically have the tools needed to keep employees informed, comfortable, and safe.

Encourage Employees to Watch the Videos

Already in a managed program with Tyndale? Great! Watch or encourage your employees to watch these videos by logging in today.

Not in a managed program with Tyndale? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us to learn more about our managed programs and unique customer resources.

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