Tyndale’s Layer 1™ Featured in eHazard Safety Video


Tyndale’s Layer 1™ Performance T-Shirt (M010T) was recently featured in an e-Hazard Arc Flash Safety Minute video featuring Hugh Hoagland.

Check out the “Arc Rated Shirts” video below – can you spot Layer 1™ in the footage?


The next generation of arc-rated flame resistant clothing (FRC), Layer 1™ (M010T) is a lightweight performance T-shirt that’s stretchy, breathable, and fast drying. Proudly Made in USA with exclusive 4.6oz FRMC® inherently flame resistant fabric, it provides HRC1 arc flash and NFPA 2112-certified flash fire protection. In fact, this innovative shirt is the most comfortable NFPA 2112-certified garment available as a single layer of protection.

Watch our video to learn more about Layer 1™ (M010T)!

As Hugh points out in the e-Hazard Arc Flash Safety Minute video, arc-rated flame resistant base layers like Layer 1™ (M010T) offer important advantages over non-FR undershirts:

  • Protective base layers like Layer 1™ allow workers to add an extra layer of protection to the clothing system while eliminating the risks associated with wearing non-FR undershirts—which can ignite and contribute to injury in the event of an arc flash or flash fire.
  • Layer 1™ features an exterior HRC label at the collar, so workers and supervisors alike can tell at a glance that the base layer is arc/flame resistant.

Plus, working outside in the summer heat can be tough – not to mention dangerous! Luckily, Layer 1™ (M010T) offers better breathability and moisture-management than traditional cotton undershirts to help workers stay cool and comfortable in summer temperatures.

Layer 1™ is available in long sleeve (M010T) and short sleeve (M011T), in gray, navy, and tan.

Contact Tyndale at 800-356-3433 or visit us online at www.TyndaleUSA.com to add to your managed program or order today!

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