Is Your FR Clothing as Ready for Spring as You Are?

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Spring is the perfect time of year to clean, organize, and refresh as the days get longer and the world starts to come back to life from the cold, dark Winter.

Be sure to incorporate your arc/flame-resistant (FR) clothing into your spring refresh, retiring worn out garments, making sure your have the FR you need, and checking that your FR is clean and in good shape.

Out with the Old

To ensure that flame resistant clothing protects properly in an arc flash or flash fire incident, FR garments should be retired if one or more of the following wear indicators is present on the garment:

  • Frayed collar or cuffscare&maint
  • Torn, open or frayed seams
  • Thread-bare areas (thread-bare is defined as “having the nap worn down so that the filling or warp threads show through; frayed or shabby”)
  • Unrepaired hole 1” in any dimension
  • Oil/stain that cannot be laundered out

If damage is minor, contact your supplier to request a repair or an FR repair kit. Do not wear the damaged garment again until it is properly repaired using FR materials!

In with the New

Spring is also the perfect time of year to take inventory of your FR clothing and make sure you have enough FR on hand to comply with your safety policy and the hazards of your job.

Where allowed by your Company’s program and policies:

  • Make sure you have sufficient amounts of FR on hand to wear at work while some items are in the wash, and an appropriate combination of items to keep you both safe and comfortable as temperatures fluctuate through the coming year.
  • Plan ahead for warm weather – beat the rush and order lightweight options from your catalog to ensure items are delivered and on-hand well before you need them.
  • Prepare for insect season.
  • Consider ordering outerwear for next year during this off-peak time.

Make Sure your FR is Clean and Ready to Go!OSHA 1910.269 Laundering Resource Guide

As you go through your Spring Cleaning checklist, make your FR clothing a top priority. Check your FR garments to make sure they are clean and well-maintained.

Kick the season off by viewing our training video to brush up on safe care and maintenance techniques for your FR clothing, and keep these tips in mind:

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