Tyndale’s Top Five OSHA 1910.269 Blog Posts

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Since OSHA promulgated the new 1910.269 in April 2014, Tyndale has been hard at work partnering with employers to understand and gain compliance with the new provisions—helping workers return home to their families safely each night.

Join thousands of readers in taking advantage of our top five OSHA 1910.269 blog posts:

1. Key OSHA 1910.269 Update: FR Clothing is Now PPE

One of the first questions asked about OSHA’s update to standard 1910.269 is, “Does the revised ruling require FR clothing to be worn by employees?” The answer is yes, employers shall ensure that the outer layer of clothing worn by an employee is flame resistant for all hazards greater than 2.0 cal/cm2 or for work above 600 volts.

Classifying FR clothing as PPE is a departure from the former standard which prescribed that clothing simply “do no harm” in the event of an arc flash. Click here to read this full post.

2. OSHA 1910.269 Resource Guide on Laundering FRCIs lint contamination a danger to FRC?

While the designation of FR clothing as PPE requires additional employer oversight, it is clear that OSHA allows home laundering of FR clothing. The final rule does not require employers to launder protective clothing for employees.

Click here for more information on why industrial laundry is not the answer to OSHA’s updated standard.

3. Just Announced: New OSHA 1910.269 Enforcement Timeline

Edison Electric Institute (EEI) and OSHA recently reached a settlement agreement regarding final federal rule 1910.269. Most importantly, EEI and IBEW negotiated new compliance dates into OSHA’s enforcement timeline of its updated standard:

  • March 31, 2015 (formerly January 1, 2015): final deadline for employers to make reasonable estimates of available heat energy.
  • April 1, 2015 (formerly July 10, 2014): Employers must ensure that the outer layer of clothing worn by an employee – from head-to-toe – is flame resistant under certain conditions.
  • August 31, 2015 (formerly April 1, 2015): Employers must provide proper arc-rated/FR clothing matched to the hazard assessment.

Click here to read the full blog post for complete details.

4. Six Critical Changes to OSHA 1910.269 Regarding FR Clothing

OSHA’s revised ruling requires many utilities and electrical companies to provide additional arc-rated clothing for their employees by April 1, 2015.*

Critical changes to this updated standard related to FR clothing include:

*OSHA 1910.269’s original enforcement timeline has changed per the EEI settlement agreement reached with OSHA addressed in Top Blog #3. Click here to read full post.

5. Three Steps for OSHA 1910.269 Compliance

In this post, Tyndale outlines three steps companies in electric power generation, transmission and distribution work should take to meet the new 1910.269 compliance timeline:

  • Identify groups within your company that require PPE, as well as items and quantities.
  • Engage an arc-rated clothing solution provider.
  • Partner with your selected FR clothing supplier to develop resources and plans for not only training employees but also enforcing proper care and maintenance of PPE.


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