You Spoke, We Listened! New FRC Treated with Permethrin

Last November, Tyndale introduced our exclusive new line of Tyndale-made FRMC® garments pre-treated with durable permethrin insect repellent, and began accepting preorders for April delivery. Garments pre-treated with permethrin, which lasts for 50+ launderings, are available for $20/garment with 10-week delivery. All available items are made by Tyndale – many in the USA. Click here to view the full list of available items.

Why Buy Permethrin-Treated FRC?

Unlike repellents containing DEET, Tyndale’s non-flammable solution is safe for use with arc-rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) clothing (also known as FRC) without reducing the safety benefits and protection of FRC. Tyndale’s pretreatment is effective against crawling and flying insects like mosquitoes, ticks, ants, midges, chiggers and flies, delivering a single insect-prevention solution that eliminates the need for workers to manually apply repellent in the field.

Importantly, Tyndale’s permethrin-treated garments prevent the spread of Lyme disease and West Nile Virus, among other infectious diseases caused by insects. It’s estimated that Lyme disease strikes between 20,000 and 30,000 people each year (1). Unfortunately, there are no proven vaccines to protect against Lyme (2), and many people who contract Lyme disease don’t realize it until years later when symptoms begin to surface.

Lyme disease is not the only concern for outdoor workers. Bourbon virus is a new virus carried by insects that outdoor workers can potentially be exposed to. Named after Bourbon County, Kansas, where the only known victim lived, Bourbon virus is similar to viruses seen previously in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia, but nothing like it has ever been identified in the Western Hemisphere before.  While similar tick-borne illnesses are typically treated with antibiotics, this “new” disease is transmitted by a virus, and therefore won’t respond to medication (3).

Cold weather typically keeps ticks and disease-transmitting insects at bay, but from roughly April to September when these types of insects are most active, it is especially important for outdoor workers to protect themselves against ticks and other disease carrying insects (3). Therefore, right now is the best time to start preparing for spring and summer, before you or your workers are impacted by insects and warmer outdoor temperatures!

Tyndale Survey: Insect Issues & FR Clothing

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Tyndale’s Survey Results 

Tyndale is constantly looking for innovative solutions to enhance worker protection. We recently conducted a survey to better understand the impact of insect issues for outdoor workers: whether annoying insects pose a distraction on the job, whether insect-transmitted diseases are a concern, and if employers have had issues with workers using flammable insect repellents containing DEET on their AR / FR clothing.

The infographic to the right shows the results of the survey and the value of Tyndale’s safe, hassle-free solution. Contact Tyndale at 800-356-3433 to place your preorder today for April delivery!


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