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For more than 30 years, Tyndale has been helping companies manage employee protective apparel programs. In fact, Tyndale works hard to keep workers and safety professionals up-to-date on and compliant with government safety regulations. That’s why we created this blog – to be your one-stop resource for everything related to flame resistant clothing.

Below are some tips for using our blog:

1. Looking for information on a specific industry or on industry standards?

The Tyndale blog now includes tabs on the homepage under the Tyndale logo to take you directly to your specific industry – Electric Utilities or Oil and Gas – and help you find information on industry standards faster.

2. Shop for flame resistant clothing online!

Tyndale sells our high quality, Made in USA flame resistant clothing online. Simply click the Shop Tyndale FRC tab on the blog homepage and you’ll be taken to our retail site where we sell FR clothing at factory direct prices every day. On this site, you’ll enjoy fast delivery, flat rate shipping and free returns on every order!

  • Please note: If you have a company-managed account, go to TyndaleUSA.com and log-in to access your secure profile, place an order, check on the status of an existing order or review your order history.

3. Use the search box.

The Search function found in the right sidebar underneath the large scrolling posts allows you to use a search term to find relevant content. Maybe you have a question and would like to see if we’ve covered it on this blog – use Search!

4. Search for posts by topic or category.

If you are looking for all of our posts related to a specific topic, you can click on one of the Tags, also found in the right sidebar. Tags describe what type of content you may find in a post. When you click on a Tag, it will take you to a page will all posts that contain that Tag in its content.

  • Categories: These links are similar to Tags, but are a bit more general. Click on a Category to see what type of content we’ve covered in that area. Categories can be found at the bottom of the homepage in the blog footer.
  • Company-related announcements are organized together underneath the Tyndale Company tab on the homepage so that you can find information on the trade shows we attend, new Tyndale products and FR videos more easily.
  • Not sure what you’re looking for? Our Archives allow you to see the content we’ve published in a chronological way. You’ll see that Tyndale started our blog in July 2013 and has been sharing information about FRC ever since!
  • Finally, our Top Posts and Pages allows you to see our most popular posts and pages as decided by you – the reader! Top Posts and Pages can be found in the right sidebar of our homepage under the Search box.

5. Stay connected with Tyndale!

Subscribe to our blog“Click sign me up!” then enter your email address to receive updates every time a new blog post is published. New posts are sent directly to your email so that you don’t have to worry about checking back every day!

  • Connect with Tyndale on Social Media – you can follow Tyndale on Facebook or Twitter directly from our blog! Simply hit the “Like” or “Follow” buttons in the right sidebar of the homepage and you’ll instantly connect with us on these social media platforms.
  • Plus, now you can see recent Tyndale picture posts to our Instagram feed!

Tyndale is dedicated to providing safety managers, professionals and employees with a single location online to answer all of your questions and needs. We invite you to learn more about our company, products and industry through this blog.

Please feel free to leave comments or to reach out to us directly – we’re here to help! Have a topic idea or a question about something you saw on this blog? Email us or call our friendly U.S.-based Customer Service Team today!

Tyndale contact information can be found in the Contact Us section in our blog footer. From here, you can also click the link to take you to Tyndale’s main website: www.TyndaleUSA.com to learn more about our managed apparel programs and to access our FR Safety Library.

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