Tyndale’s Pre-Treated FRC: Durable Insect Protection

Stop disease-carrying ticks and mosquitos and other annoying insects in their tracks with Perimeter Insect Guard™-treated flame resistant clothing (FRC) — now available on select Tyndale FR garments made from our exclusive FRMC® fabrics!

How Does it Work?

Insect repellent is often the “first line of defense” against ticks and disease-carrying insects. Tyndale’s Perimeter Insect Guard™ products help prevent the spread of Lyme disease and West Nile Virus, among other infectious diseases carried by biting insects.

The main difference between Perimeter Insect Guard™ and other types of insect repellents, like DEET, is that Tyndale’s Perimeter Insect Guard™ is applied directly onto clothing rather than skin. Perimeter Insect Guard™ damages the nervous systems of insects that it comes into contact with — causing the insect to drop off clothing and/or die. View the video below to see how insects are instantly deterred from clothing with a Perimeter Insect Guard™ application:

Is it Safe?

Insect repellent for FR clothing is specifically formulated to provide protection against biting insects without reducing the safety benefits and protection of FR clothing. Tyndale’s non-flammable solution is safe for use with FR clothing. It’s also been used by the US Army for more than 20 years and is recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a safe and effective method of preventing insect-transmitted diseases. Additionally, Perimeter Insect Guard™-treated garments are standard issue for all Marines.

In fact, safety testing of Perimeter Insect Guard™ has been conducted almost continuously since the 1970’s when it was registered with the EPA for use on clothing and in other public health applications (1). DEET, on the other hand, is effective against insects but is also highly flammable, and therefore should not be used in situation when arc flash or flash fire is a risk. Click here to read our previous blog post on Using Bug Repellent with FR Clothing explaining why you should never use DEET with FRC.

What Items are Available?

Back in August, we announced that Tyndale would soon be adding FRC pre-treated with Perimeter Insect Guard™ to our wide selection of quality FR garments. Now Tyndale is proud to stock FR styles with our Perimeter Insect Guard™ application. Brought to Tyndale by Front Line Fabrics (FLF), makers of Tyndale’s exclusive FRMC® inherent FR fabrics, the durable repellent guards against insects for 50+ launderings. Our Perimeter Insect Guard™ application is available on the following Tyndale-made FRMC® garments with an additional fee of $20 per garment above the garment selling price:

Item # Description Fabric Available Colors
M11PT Premium Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt 7 oz. FRMC® Chambray KHA
M06PT Long Sleeve Knit Henley Shirt 7 oz. FRMC® Lacoste NVY
F29PT Premium Relaxed Fit Denim Jeans 14 oz. FRMC® Denim DNM
M29PT Premium Lightweight Canvas Pant 9 oz. FRMC® Canvas KHA

Additional FRMC products are available, with an extended 10-week delivery lead time.

Care of Perimeter Insect Guard™-Treated FRC

Perimeter Insect Guard™-treated garments can be cared for and maintained similar to regular FR clothing. Where allowable by the FR garment’s care label, treated FR garments can be put in the dryer and ironed without impacting the durability of the Perimeter Insect Guard™ treatment. However, FR garments treated with Perimeter Insect Guard™ should not be dry cleaned as dry cleaning can degrade the Perimeter Insect Guard™ treatment and degrade repellency.

As with untreated FR garments, Perimeter Insect Guard™-treated FR garments should not be laundered with bleach, bleach alternatives, fabric softener or starch. The EPA recommends that garments treated with Perimeter Insect Guard™ be washed separately from untreated FR clothing. Note that pre-treated garments will not shrink during laundering, as any potential garment shrinkage occurs during laundering, as any potential garment shrinkage occurs during the treatment process. Pre-treated garments are delivered to the end user pre-shrunk!

Tyndale’s Perimeter Insect Guard™-treated FRC takes care of insect protection and eliminates the need for workers to apply repellent onto garments themselves.

Request More Information

For more information on Tyndale’s Perimeter Insect Guard™-treated flame resistant clothing, request your copy of our FAQs below!


Sources for this post were accessed November 2014:

(1) http://phc.amedd.army.mil/topics/envirohealth/epm/Pages/PermethrinFactory-TreatedArmyCombatUniforms(ACUPermethrin).aspx

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