ILR 2014: Register to Win a Tyndale FRMC® Microfleece™ Jacket!

Tyndale FRMC Micro-Fleece Jacket

The International Lineman’s Rodeo & Expo is an exciting event where electric utility linemen have the opportunity to showcase their skills in a competitive environment. During this event, linemen compete in timed events based on what they do every day to keep electricity flowing to homes and businesses.

According to ILR, the primary goals of this event are to:

  1. Help maintain a focus on safety and safe workplace practices
  2. Provide a forum for the public to better understand and recognize the technical craft skills linemen have
  3. Provide an opportunity for the professional craftspeople in the linework trade to receive recognition for their skills

Additionally, participants have fun while sharing professional knowledge and networking with others in their trade from different companies and various parts of the country.

Visit Tyndale’s Booth for a Chance to Win!

Expo attendees can stop by Tyndale’s booth (#130) and register to win a Tyndale FRMC® Microfleece™ Full Zip Jacket (M735T) which will be given away to one lucky person! This jacket is made with a 14 oz. FRMC® Microfleece/modacrylic blend of inherently flame resistant fabric. Made in the USA by Tyndale, it has an arc rating of 21.8 Ebt and is HRC/PPE Category Level 2.

Additionally, Tyndale will be giving away our new FRC Tattersall Chambray Plaid Work Shirt (M125T) to the top overall team (4 people) and top overall winner (1 person) during the competition. The name Tattersall describes the plaid pattern that is actually woven into the cloth as opposed to being printed onto the fabric. This method ensures that the pattern is more consistently repeated, giving the Tattersall shirt a softer feel than similar printed plaid garments. Click here to check out our Tattersall product video!

Who: Tyndale National Account Manager, Joan Yard, and Tyndale Account Manager, Kateri Miller

What: International Lineman’s Rodeo 2014

When: Safety & Training Conference held on October 15-16th

  • Tyndale will be exhibiting at the Expo held on October 16th & 17th
  • Rodeo held on Saturday, October 18th

Tyndale Company Booth #: 130

Where: Safety & Training Conference is located at the Overland Park Convention

Center, Overland Park, KS

  • Expo is located at the Overland Park Convention Center, Overland Park, KS
  • Rodeo is located at the National Agriculture Center and Hall of Fame in Bonner Springs, KS


Can’t make the expo? Visit to learn more about our company and our managed safety apparel programs and services.

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