Tyndale’s Tattersall Work Shirt (M125T)

Tyndale’s Tattersall Work Shirt (M125T)

Tyndale is pleased to introduce the lightweight and breathable Tattersall Work Shirt (M125T) available in White and Red. Tattersall describes the checked/plaid pattern that is actually woven into the cloth. The pattern is composed of regularly-spaced thin, even vertical warp stripes, repeated horizontally in the weft, thereby forming squares.

The Tattersall Work Shirt differs from other FR plaid shirts in a few ways. Other plaid FR shirts have the pattern printed on to the fabric while the Tattersall method ensures that the pattern is consistently repeated, granting more staying power to the garment and giving the Tattersall shirt a softer feel than similar fabrics that are printed.

The Tattersall shirt is made from a 7 oz FRMC® Chambray with triple needle main-seem construction, adding to the durability. The fabric is moisture wicking and fast drying for added comfort. Made in the USA by Tyndale, with HRC 2 protection at 9.1 Ebt, it will be available Mid-July in Red and White, sizes small through 3XL.

Watch the Tattersall product video below or contact your Tyndale National Account Manager to add this lightweight work shirt to your program today!

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