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June is recognized by many safety professionals and the National Safety Council as National Safety Month. It’s a time when all of us should increase our safety awareness in the workplace and at home. The purpose of National Safety Month is to encourage safe behaviors and prevent the leading causes of avoidable injuries and deaths. The cost of such injuries to Americans and their employers exceeds $793 billion and are paid in the form of taxes, insurance premiums, medical costs, property damage, lost wages and productivity (1). The greatest cost, however, is the emotional toll and suffering for families and loved ones.

“Safety: It Takes All of Us”

Tyndale’s business is safety. Keeping workers safe is our number one priority and we believe that the first step towards helping you to work safe is ensuring safety in our own workplace. This year’s National Safety Month theme is a call for everyone to make simple changes to prevent tragedy in our workplace and our homes. Many initiatives are implemented personally by the head of Tyndale’s Safety Committee, which is certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor & Industry Bureau of Workers Compensation.

  • All through National Safety Month, Tyndale sends daily emails to the staff, each with a different safety focus, including tips, fun facts, articles, video clips, and safety best practices.
  • The committee directly addresses concerns of employees to develop corrective action and improve the work environment. This emphasizes accountability for safe performance on the job, and encourages safe behavior off the job.
  • The committee also conducts periodic fire drills for emergency preparedness, quarterly building inspections, and maintenance of first aid kits and fire extinguishers.
  • All committee members receive annual third-party training on Safety Committee operation, accident and illness prevention, and hazard detection and inspection.

The culture of safety is something our employees connect with on a personal level, as well. Tyndale is proud to have three certified First Responders on staff. Tyndale: Safety Starts With UsFirst Responders are more skilled than someone who is trained in basic first aid and are certified in providing pre-hospital care for medical emergencies. It’s reassuring to have these First Responders among us in the event of an unforeseen incident.

To encourage safety onsite and at home, meetings at Tyndale begin with a “Safety Minute.” We take this time to inform attendees of the nearest exits, external emergency meeting places, and locations of nearby fire extinguishers. One attendee is designated to dial 911 in the event of an emergency, as well.  Tyndale also encourages healthy lifestyles by promoting voluntary wellness activities, including wellness fairs, providing healthy snacks, hosting an onsite Zumba class, and more. In fact, Tyndale was recently recognized among the nominees for Healthiest Employer of Greater Philadelphia.

Tyndale truly recognizes that safety does take all of us. In pursuit of our commitment to protect workers across the country, we are passionate about leading through example and making our own workplace an environment of safety and good health.

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