Promoting Workplace Wellness at Tyndale

Promoting Workplace Wellness at Tyndale

On June 5th, Tyndale had the privilege and honor of being recognized among Philadelphia Business Journal‘s nominees for Healthiest Employer of Greater Philadelphia. We believe strongly that in order to run a successful business, employers need to keep their employees happy, healthy and engaged. We’ve said that our employees are our greatest asset, and this is just one example of how we successfully deliver on that statement.

Given the amount of time employees spend at work, Tyndale feels a strong responsibility to provide the tools and knowledge to incorporate healthy choices into their lives. When Tyndale promotes individual health and fosters a healthy work environment, we set a strong example for other employers in our area who strive to create a positive climate for their employees.

When asked why employee wellness was so important to Tyndale, CEO, Gail Whittenberger, had this to say:

“At Tyndale, we care very much about the well-being of our employees and want them to be happy and healthy at work and at home. We provide tools, information, and resource for our employees to have healthy lifestyles.  Frequently visitors comment about how happy our Promoting Workplace Wellness at Tyndaleemployees are. We are very proud that Tyndale is a happy and healthy workplace.”

Since 2011, Tyndale has been exploring new ways of incorporating wellness into the lives of our employees. We are committed to putting forth the investment to achieve a higher standard of wellness. For example:

  • Provides healthy snacks for employees, free of charge.
  • Encourages walking during lunch breaks, with established pathways for employees.
  • Holds an annual wellness fair sponsored by Valley Preferred, which includes biometric screenings, health resources, and plenty of literature.
  • Distributes monthly wellness newsletters.
  • Offers Weight Watchers programs, which employees attend onsite.
  • Lunchroom Postings with factual information about good health practices in our lunchrooms.
  • Holds a Biggest Loser competition, encouraging health weight-loss.
  • Organizes a paid chair massage day for all employees interested.
  • Offers an onsite flu-shot clinic.
  • Promotes disease prevention programs, encouraging employees to stay up to date with their examinations.
  • Hosts an after work Zumba class in our Warehouse, twice a week.

So far, in 2014, Tyndale provided an onsite smoking cessation program offered by Penn Foundation, paid for by the company. Establishing the culture of a healthy workplace is a definite priority and many employees take the tips they learn and incorporate healthier habits and better choices for their families.

We utilize our employees’ success stories and highlight our wellness champions to engage other employees, energizing coworkers and even striking friendly, competitive chords within some. Workers and their families benefit in a real way from healthy orientation, but the organization itself can manage health care costs, absenteeism, productivity, retention, culture, and employee morale as well (1). Tyndale encourages our employees to understand the importance of caring for oneself and, at the end of the day, our employees truly understand that we’re all in this together.

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