Today’s Advancements in FRC Clothing Style

Today's Advancements in FRC Clothing Style

In the past, FR clothing would have been characterized as stiff, hot and uncomfortable. If you are uncomfortable in your FR clothing, there is potential for garments to be worn incorrectly (rolling up sleeves, taking off protective layers, etc.), possibly resulting in a safety incident. In order to do your job, you need protective clothing that does its job.

Perhaps the most persistent trend, and the one with the greatest opportunity to drive customer satisfaction, is the growth in FR clothing style options. Today’s flame resistant work wear is as wearable as traditional types of clothing while providing advanced protection.

Before, workers were limited in terms of types of FR clothing available on the market. Now, new entrants into the FRC marketplace have narrowed the gap between traditional FRC and ordinary clothing. For example:

  • Carhartt brought its trademark work wear style to FR. Carhartt’s work wear products are known for durability, comfort and fit, and now these qualities can be found in Carhartt’s line of FR clothing.
  • Wrangler has expanded its western-styled work wear. Additionally, traditional Western wear manufacturers, such as Cinch, Ariat and Texas Jeans are introducing FR jeans. FR jeans are becoming increasingly important as part of electric arc flash protection. Watch this testing video to see how non-FR jeans compare to FR jeans during an arc flash.
  • Drifire has emulated the success of the popular Under Armour brand. Under Armour is known for its compression and wicking garments designed for athletes. Drifire’s FR clothing is breathable and comfortable while protecting the wearer from hazardous conditions.
  • True North brought the look and performance of North Face to the FR marketplace. True North offers cold weather FR apparel so that workers can stay warm and compliant with safety standards.

View our video to learn more about the growth in FR style options!

Tyndale Clothing – FR You Want to Wear

We understand that workers need to be able to bend, reach and stretch in their clothing so Tyndale offers clothing that fits true-to-size. Imagine FR clothing you want to wear!

Safety managers with large territories know that the weather can vary significantly from one location to the next. Tyndale manufactures and distributes a full-line of FR clothing options – from FR pants and t-shirts to hoodies, and FR rainwear to 3 season jackets.

To help workers find the right style, Tyndale’s choice program enables employees to choose the garments that fit them best. Rather than just being able to choose from a catalog, workers can try on pants, shirts and jackets before placing their order. This allows workers to order the type of clothing they prefer based on style and fit.

Tyndale is leading the way in FR clothing style. New to FR clothing, and available in limited quantities, is our long sleeve Longhorn Shirt (seen right). Inspired by the oil and gas activity in Texas, this shirt is a special edition and won’t be available for long.

Check out a version of this article published to the May edition of ISHN Magazine. 


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