Top 10 Reasons to Switch from Laundry Rental to a Purchase Program for FRC

The Benefits of FRC Purchase Programs

As we covered earlier this month, one of the most important factors for FR clothing is that garments remain clean and usable so that your employees can stay safe and protected while on the job. Below are our top 10 reasons to switch from using an industrial launderer to participating in a program that allows your employees to purchase and launder their own garments at home.

Employee Benefits

1. Better Product Selection

Workers are often more comfortable as a result of a choice program. This allows your employees to choose their apparel from a wide selection of available styles meeting their personal fit requirements while also meeting company safety standards and industry regulations.

2. Annual Garment Replacement

In an allowance or allotment FR clothing program, garments can be replaced annually. By contrast, garments will stay in a laundry rental service for an average of two to four years with FRC clothing being kept in service even longer than non-FR clothing (1).

3. More Choice

Employees can pick from new garments as items can be added to a program throughout the year as management sees fit. New products with better protection and/or comfort ratings can be added to the program at any time. Workers don’t have to worry about getting previously used garments or clothing that has been recycled into a program from another wearer.

4. Higher Employee Satisfaction

For damaged and abused garments, the laundry service provider is the party that authorizes product replacement, not the customer. Imagine not dealing with complaints related to industrial laundry service: unreturned FR clothing, missing garments, too many patch scars or clothing that is in disrepair due to no fault of your employees.

5. Online Ordering Available

Online ordering helps streamline the customer experience. A customized website for your program allows employees to place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week meaning less down time during working hours.

Benefits Management Will See

1. Cost Savings

In a purchase program, you won’t be billed for services not performed. Plus, invoices can be viewed online, are easier to read and can be customized to show your management team what they want to see. Your company also won’t incur additional charges upon termination of the contract or deal with surprises related to clothing not being turned in at the end of the program.

2. Increased Employee Productivity

Many issues in a managed purchase program can be solved directly with the employee – without management needing to get involved. Online ordering also contributes to efficiency so that employees are focused on the job and not how to get the correct protective clothing. Employee moral stays high because they won’t have to go back and forth with their clothing provider.

3. Better Appearance

Your workforce will look more professional. Since garments are replaced on a regular basis, they run less of a risk of falling into disrepair. When employees buy their own clothing, there is less risk of ill-fitting garments or receiving incorrect clothing. Employees will never have to show up in personal or dirty clothing because their proper FRC didn’t come back in time.

4. Program Control

Custom program features and open communication channels between vendor and customer contribute to more program control. The less time you and your staff have to spend chasing around missing or damaged garments and resolving issues related to a breakdown in the process, the better.

5. Better Cost Control

Spending is tightly managed through an allowance or allotment program and is customized to fit your employees’ needs since workers can purchase only garments approved by management. Unlike a laundry rental program for FRC, there are no long-term contracts, no hidden costs and no end-of-term buyout clauses.

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References for this post were accessed Oct 2013:

(1) Based on data from 2008 Annual Reports from Aramark, Cintas and UniFirst.

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