What Pricing and Costs Will You Uncover in Your FRC Laundry Rental Program?

This is the sixth post in our series looking at the benefits of managed apparel options, specifically evaluating purchase programs and laundry rental for your FR clothing.

Unlike a purchase program where it is easy to calculate your fixed budget, with laundry rental programs, laundry costs are just the beginning. Average costs of $10-$15 per person, per week, plus hidden costs translate to higher total contract cost than in a purchase plan – and this expense can’t be budgeted or verified. While a rental program might seem better up-front, maybe because of a lower first year contract cost, overall costs for the life of the average three year rental contract tend to be significantly higher.

Laundry Rental Programs

It’s likely you’ll encounter some, if not all, of the following costs at some point during your laundry rental contract term:

  • Rising fuel prices that can raise the unit price or surcharges/service charges
  • Damage insurance/garment “protection” coverage
  • Lost/damage charges
  • Replacement charges for lost garments – regardless of who actually lost the garment
  • Ongoing charges for employees that have since left your company
  • Paying for laundry services some employees don’t even utilize (see our previous post on Cleaning Your FRC)
  • After renting a garment for the term of your rental contract, a “buy out” is enforced if any of your items are non-standard or directly embroidered
  • Aggressive price increases at least once per year, sometimes multiple times per year

Additionally, paper-based billing often creates headaches for the customer as laundry rental billing statements are overwhelming and provide confusing detail. There is no summary reporting and the inability to track expenses or resolve discrepancies often results in inconsistencies between invoices and statements.

Flexibility in Tyndale’s Purchase Program

Tyndale saves you time and money, and reduces the risk of incurring additional cost or being surprised by additional charges. Our automated allowance/allotment program ensures budget control as employee purchases are tracked and reported separately.

Tyndale’s reports give supervisors and managers a clear view of the overall program status, summary program spending and individual employee spending. Our fully integrated ordering system allows complete and accurate tracking of all items – and ensures budgetary compliance for our customers.

Most importantly, there are no long-term contracts or buy-out clauses in direct-buy programs. This means that a program can be terminated at any time for any reason. Unlike laundry rental programs, a direct-buy vendor has the incentive to provide real value to the customer, or the customer will change vendors.

It’s important for companies to select the program that brings the most value to their business while exuding professionalism to their customers and simultaneously protecting their employees. If clothing choice, employee sizing procedures, customer service and communication, the garment cleaning process and pricing is important to your company, you need to seriously reconsider entering a laundry rental contract (or reevaluate your current program!) for your FRC clothing or uniform needs. A direct purchase program could make the most sense and be the most cost-effective solution to fit your needs.

To speak to one of our knowledgeable National Account Managers and learn more about our managed apparel programs, please click here to contact the Tyndale representative in your region. 

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