What FRC Laundry Rental Programs Lack: Customer Service and Communication

This is the fourth post in a six-part series looking at the benefits of managed apparel options, specifically evaluating purchase programs and laundry rental for your FR clothing.

Part of the cost of choosing a laundry rental program comes in the form of what you don’t get compared to a managed clothing purchase program.

Most rental uniform sites have over 2,500 customers and each route rep individually services 120 customers, on average. Delivery drivers begin their route at 6am and don’t return back to the office sometimes until after 4pm.

The customer service representative taking calls back in the office is expected to pass an issue or complaint they receive on to the route rep for resolution. Resolution usually takes a couple of days, or up to a week, since most delivery drivers will wait until the next time they are visiting that particular account to resolve the original question/issue/complaint.

Employees not getting back the FR clothing they turn in is the most common complaint from end users in rental programs. These shortages are caused by several possible breakdowns in the process since no uniform rental company is perfect week after week. The shortages may eventually be corrected, but at what cost?

Besides the cost of the garment and associated set up charges, there are impacts to employee morale. Most employees will have to spend extra time dealing with these frustrating issues themselves and will ultimately have to either wear dirty clothes or wear their personal clothing to work.

Clothing ending up in the wrong locker is another common problem. This issue causes temporary shortages for some employees until their garments turn up in someone else’s locker. With the route driver expected to make so many stops in one day, clothing often gets crammed into small spaces or lockers on the delivery truck, resulting in wrinkled garments.

Repair service is available, but usually not delivered in a timely manner. Repairs can take up to two weeks, especially if the garment is not tagged. Employees not having enough of the correct clothing for the week means they wear a dirty uniform two days in a row or again, come to work in personal clothing. Worse yet is that dirty FR clothing can impact a garment’s protective qualities and potentially injure the wearer.

Unfortunately, for many service-related issues, the blame for shortages and damages typically gets shifted to the end user and away from the rental laundry service provider or delivery driver.

Tyndale’s Service-Based Approach

Tyndale is dedicated to providing outstanding service to our customers. Tyndale offers an experienced staff of U.S.-based customer service representatives available Monday through Friday with less than a one minute hold time on calls. Workers are encouraged to deal directly with Tyndale for ordering issues, questions, returns and problem solving which means less down time during working hours.

Repairs and custom alterations can be handled through our extensive repair services for tears, buttons, and pant hemming at no additional charge. All repairs are received by our returns department and performed in-house. Tyndale warrants all of our manufactured garments and the garments of our suppliers to be free from manufacturers’ or other defects for the useful life of the garment, provided care instructions on the label are followed.

Additionally, Tyndale maintains service-based performance metrics. Tyndale monitors and regularly reviews Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) used to define and measure achievement, including: lead times, return rate, and end user satisfaction, among others. Data is used to reach higher performance levels and ensure your overall program success.

If organizational efficiency and professionalism are your company’s goals, then making sure your employees’ clothing needs are taken care of should be a priority. The less time you and your staff have to spend chasing around missing or damaged FR clothing and resolving issues, the better. Tyndale’s full-time U.S.-based customer service team and commitment to quick turnaround for requests is demonstrative of Tyndale’s dedication to service.

To see more on the services Tyndale provides, visit our Services page on www.tyndaleusa.com.

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