A Choice Program: The Most Important Factor in Your Employees’ FR Clothing

This is the third post in a six-part series looking at the benefits of managed apparel options, specifically evaluating direct buy choice programs and laundry rental for your FRC.

Tyndale has found that a wide selection of available styles is by far one of the most important aspects of any FR program to employees. In many industries, like oil and gas or electric utilities, employee clothing is dictated by certain safety standards or workplace requirements the garments must meet. However, if your employees are uncomfortable in their clothing, there is potential for garments not to be worn appropriately (rolling up sleeves, taking off protective layers, etc.), possibly resulting in a safety incident.

Laundry Rental Programs

Product choice is very limited in rental programs as most laundry service providers remain inflexible. Garments often feel like a uniform – everyone wears the same item in the same color and style in the department or entire company. All employees must wear the same clothing, there is not an employee choice program.

Additionally, after the initial installation, employees start to receive used garments. Often there is no direct embroidery for employee names or company logos, and because of this, customers will see name or emblem patch scars on new hire and replacement garments they receive. Sometimes these garments are even stained and/or faded – not a very professional look or impression on a new hire or tenured employee receiving these used, “like new” garments.

Tyndale’s Choice Program 

Tyndale recognizes that workers come in all shapes and sizes and that’s why we believe in employee choice. Clothing that employees want to wear leads to greater satisfaction on the job! Tyndale offers FR clothing, uniform and image apparel from top FR and non-FR brands to meet your company’s needs.

An often overlooked part of employee choice is around women’s clothing. Tyndale recognizes that it is neither safe nor preferable for women to simply order smaller sizes of men’s clothing. As a leading distributor of uniform clothing, Tyndale carries a variety of products specifically made for women. In fact, Tyndale offers the largest selection of women’s FR apparel in the US! Our full-line of products specifically sized for women is available to companies looking to enter a managed purchase apparel program at no extra charge.

When it comes to customization of garments, Tyndale is well-equipped to provide high quality logos for your company using state of the art equipment and materials. Tyndale is able to embroider virtually any garment onsite at our headquarters in Pipersville, PA. Non-FR and FR thread options are available depending on the safety needs of your organization. Tyndale also provides heat transfer, silk screening and reflective striping services to our customers to further ensure worker compliance with both company requirements and national safety standards.

Ultimately, employees are often more comfortable as a result of a choice program. By allowing your workers to choose their apparel based on a wide selection of available styles and personal fit, but still meeting company safety standards and industry regulations, you’re choosing a program that directly contributes to your company’s bottom line.

Tyndale can help create a unique clothing program that fits your company’s needs, with brands and clothing options your employees want to wear. Click here to see the industries Tyndale serves. 

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  1. David Dryden says:

    You should do some research before you lump al rental programs together. Also you do not address the hazards of an employee laundering their own garments including the contaminants that an employee may be bringing home to their families. Also you do not address the cost of a direct sale program. Compared to a rental program.
    Programs can be tailored to meet the needs of the customer, and I do hope you embroider using only FR thread.

  2. tyndalefrc says:

    Hi David, thanks for your comment. In our experience, home laundering ensures longer garment life and greater convenience for employees. With that said, we do recognize that industrial laundering may work better for employees whose clothes are severely soiled or those working with dangerous chemicals. Tyndale offers both FR and non-FR thread so that companies can choose the best embroidery method to fit their needs and budget. We’ve done in-depth analysis on the cost of laundry rental programs compared to direct purchase so if you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out.

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