Direct Buy or Laundry Rental – Which Offers Best Employee Sizing for FRC?

This is the second post in a six-part series looking at the benefits of managed apparel options, specifically evaluating purchase programs and laundry rental for your FR clothing.

Improper employee sizing can be one of the largest drivers of unexpected cost in a laundry rental program. Often, laundry companies’ route representatives will measure and fit new employees while they are visiting the customer. Such visits are typically only once per week and only during a small window of time. This means that approximate sizes are used in place of proper measuring which leads to employee dissatisfaction with garments, as well as the time-consuming process of sending in ill-fitting garments for the correct clothing.

If a new employee gets their clothing and it doesn’t fit, the customer pays the laundry service provider “set-up” charges on the replacement garments. Such size changes result in new hires waiting for properly fitting clothing. On top of extra charges to get the correct items, some rental companies will charge buy-back or restocking fees on the original, returned garments because of wrong size.

Unfortunately, route drivers and laundry service providers are familiar with placing the blame on the customer as opposed to correcting the problem without the customer incurring additional charges or by simply measuring employees correctly the first time. The need to get a daily route done quickly often supersedes the correct way of sizing new employees from the start.

Fittings in a Tyndale Choice Program

Tyndale’s managed apparel program allows employees to choose the garments that fit them best. Who better to choose clothing than the individual that will be wearing it? Clothing that employees want to wear leads to greater satisfaction on the job! Employee fittings are an integral part of a successful managed clothing program, and annual fittings are offered by Tyndale at no charge to our customers with a minimum number of FR/uniform clothing wearers.


Fittings are performed by highly-trained Tyndale sales support personnel who travel to each approved customer location with a representative sampling of garments to assist in garment selection, sizing and order collection. If a customer location does not qualify for on-site fittings, the customer’s employees can travel to a qualifying fitting location or Tyndale can provide a no-charge fit kit for use at a customer’s smaller locations.

Returns and exchanges with Tyndale are easy, too. Our “no hassle” return policy ensures that workers are satisfied with their garments. An employee can return an unwashed, unworn, unembroidered garment to Tyndale for virtually any reason without placing a call or receiving a return authorization (RA) number. Returns are processed within two business days making sure employees get their replacement products or account credit in a timely fashion. Tyndale also offers a comprehensive repairs and alterations service, which can extend the life of the product, or ensure the proper fit from the start. Plus, Tyndale never charges restocking fees!

To speak to one of our knowledgeable National Account Managers and learn more about our managed apparel programs, please click here to contact the Tyndale representative in your region. 

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