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Worker Safety in the News

Many organizations are urging overseas apparel manufacturers to adopt workplace safety solutions after the tragic incident in April when over 1,100 Bangladeshi workers died when their apparel/textile manufacturing plant collapsed (1). In many countries, employees face dangerous working conditions for extremely low wages, in factories where few preventative measures are in place and safety solutions are an afterthought.

Companies Choosing American-Made

Companies across the country are realizing that it makes financial sense to manufacture domestically. In fact, increasing labor costs abroad and technological advances in the U.S. are fueling American-made demand.

K’NEX, the maker of construction toys, began moving production back to the United States in 2009. The company and its sister company the Rodon Group are credited with “leading the way” in the recent push toward and refocus on American manufacturing. K’NEX received national attention after deciding to “reshore” manufacturing of their construction toys from China to the U.S. To reaffirm this pledge to their customers, K’NEX boxes proudly feature American flags (2).

Earlier this year, Walmart also said it would spend an additional $50 billion on U.S.-made goods over the next decade (3). The world’s largest retailer recognizes this demand for Made in USA products, and is committing to make more items on home soil.

However, Made in USA can mean different things to different people and consumers should be knowledgeable when shopping for true American-made goods. The Federal Trade Commission recognizes the Made in USA claim when:

  • Significant parts and processing that go into the product are of U.S. origin
  • Zero or negligible parts are sourced from other countries
  • Final assembly and processing of such products take place in the U.S. (4)

“Made in USA” is different from “Made in USA – with imported parts”!

How You Can Help Protect Workers 

In today’s economy, more and more workers are choosing uniforms and protective apparel that are Made in USA. All Tyndale-made garments are manufactured proudly in this country, a fact that translates into economic support and strict quality control. Tyndale-made products have always been made on U.S. soil in compliance with strict worker safety standards and complying with modern safety solutions. The importance of Made in USA products was further emphasized after the Bangladeshi garment factory collapse and we are proud to offer this benefit as a facet of our Tyndale safety solutions for workers and companies.

In wearing Tyndale’s American-made products, you ensure your own protection, plus that of the workers making your FR clothing or protective apparel. By keeping jobs in the U.S., we certify that our clothing is manufactured and distributed safely under U.S. industry standards and regulations. Just look for the American flag on our website, and on our products, showing our pride in supporting jobs domestically.

How can you tell when Tyndale products are Made in USA? Look for items ending in “T”; for example, our premium long sleeve button down shirt, M120T, is proudly Made in USA.

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