The Tyndale brand offers a full line of products made from US fabric on American soil. We also proudly distribute garments from NSA and Truenorth, whose garments are primarily American-made.

Tyndale’s logo, unveiled in 2012, features the bald eagle – a quintessential symbol of the US, along with a likeness of the American flag, symbolizing our full line of American-made goods.

All Tyndale-made garments proudly feature external labeling identifying their arc rating and corresponding PPE Category (CAT) as defined by NFPA 70E. Our shirts, sweatshirts, and outerwear also include an external label featuring our eagle design on the left arm – a constant reminder that Tyndale is Proud to Protect you, and an important safety feature that makes it that much easier to tell at a glance that you are wearing FR.

In addition to our products, look for the likeness of the American flag on our website, catalogs, packaging, and more – showing support for jobs domestically and pride in the American workers we protect.