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What You Need to Know: ASTM F2733 – FR Rainwear Standard for Flame Hazards

Fall is a time of year when weather conditions can vary widely – from sun to rain to snow depending on your location. Rainwear is FR protection that is frequently overlooked but can be a much desired item of clothing by your workers as colder temperatures and wet weather roll […]

Rainwear Alert: How ASTM F2733 and ASTM D6413 Apply to FR Rainwear

We’ve all experienced it – waking up to rain or seeing a storm cloud in the forecast. Normally, wet weather prompts you to grab an umbrella or rain jacket but for anyone required to wear flame resistant clothing (FRC) on the job, there are other considerations. You must ensure your […]

How It’s Tested: Episode 14 – ASTM F2733 for Flash Fire Rainwear

Our How It’s Tested series recently covered why ASTM F1891 is the critical compliance criteria specific to arc-rated (AR) rainwear, so this week we’re covering the flash fire rainwear equivalent – ASTM F2733. ASTM F2733 is the standard specification for flame resistant (FR) rainwear for protection against flame hazards. Beware […]

What Are Today’s Advanced FR Rainwear Options?

This is the second post in a three-part series reviewing the 2015-16 El Niño outlook and arc-rated flame resistant rainwear options available to outdoor workers facing arc flash or flash fire hazards. In this post we explore advanced rainwear options, while in our next post we feature some cost-effective rainwear […]

Top Cost-effective, Tried & True FR Rainwear Solutions

This is the third post in our three-part series reviewing the 2015-16 El Niño outlook and arc-rated flame resistant rainwear options available to outdoor workers facing arc flash or flash fire hazards. In our second post we explored advanced rainwear options, while in this final post we feature some cost-effective rainwear […]

Tired of Headaches Around Buying and Distributing FR Rainwear?

…Let Tyndale manage the program for you! Rainwear is critical to maintaining comfort and healthy body temperature in wet conditions. Otherwise, your clothing will absorb both precipitation and your body’s perspiration as you work. Wet clothing, in turn, reduces energy efficiency, productivity, and leaves you open to cold stress.  Most critically, […]

What Standard Governs Arc Flash Protective Rainwear?

ASTM F1891, Standard Specification for Arc and Flame Resistant Rainwear, establishes minimum performance specifications, test methods, and other suggested information – including a sizing guide and purchasing specification – for rainwear used to protect workers from momentary exposures to arc flashes or flame.

Does my Rainwear Protect Against Flash Fire Exposures?

ASTM F2733, Standard Specification for Flame Resistant Rainwear for Protection Against Flame Hazards, contains minimum performance specifications and other requirements for rainwear used to protect workers from hydrocarbon or petrochemical flash fires in wet conditions.

Three Tips for Selecting FR Rainwear

When it comes to flame resistant (FR) rainwear, the risks are real; Ineffective rainwear can make your workers uncomfortable – reducing productivity – while putting them at risk for heat stress or cold stress. Critically, for workers who face arc flash or flash fire hazards as part of their outdoor […]

GORE® FR Apparel’s Foul Weather Outerwear for Oil & Gas

Dedicated to continually raising the bar on worker safety, comfort, and convenience, Tyndale is proud to partner with GORE® FR Apparel to bring the new TARGO FR foul weather outerwear with GORE-TEX® PYRAD® fabric to the oil and gas market.

Leading FR Rainwear for Energy Workers

Our country’s demand for energy does not take a break during bad weather, and neither do the brave men and women working to keep the lights on or produce the fuels we rely on each day. It is critical to ensure these workers have access to protective rainwear during inclement […]

What is Flash Fire?

You’ve heard of flash fire – and it may even be a hazard in your workplace, requiring you to wear flame resistant clothing (FRC) – but what exactly is this type of thermal hazard? Scott Margolin, our resident technical expert, takes us back to the basics with a closer look […]

Layering Guide for FR Clothing: The Waterproof Layer

This is the fourth post in a series covering how to layer FR clothing during wetter, colder months. Previously, we covered inner FR layers, outer FR layers and the cold stress hazards workers face in during the winter months. Extreme outdoor adventurers know that the correct type of rainwear can […]

VIDEO: FR Rainwear vs. Non-FR Rainwear in a Flash Fire

Spoiler alert: you DO NOT want to be caught wearing non-FR rainwear during a short duration thermal exposure or flash fire. Even some rainwear garments that are labeled as flame resistant (FR), compliant with ASTM D6413 are dangerous to wear if you’re exposed to a flash fire hazard. In this […]

NFPA 2112 Pass/Fail Test Series Part 3: The Vertical Flame Test

Welcome to our four-part blog series about the pass/fail testing requirements for NFPA 2112 compliance. NFPA 2112 is also known as the “flash-fire standard,” and there are four tests which a garment or fabric must pass to receive this accreditation. Watch Tyndale’s VP of Technical Scott Margolin describe this test […]

What is the Manikin Test (ASTM F1930)?

ASTM F1930, more commonly known as the manikin test, specifies a standard process for measuring the average predicted body burn of a flame resistant fabric based on a laboratory flash fire simulation. It details the specific procedures necessary to perform the test, which ensures accuracy and consistency from one lab […]

What Should I Look For On FR Clothing Labels?

Reading labels on flame resistant (FR) clothing can be confusing. How do you know for sure that the clothing you have offers the protection you need? FR clothing is required to have specific information on its label in order to comply with industry safety standards. In this post, we share […]

The Hierarchy of FR Clothing Standards

There are a lot of FRC safety standards out there. Understanding how they work together to inform those who are required to be in compliance with them is important. In this post – and the brief video below – we break down the hierarchy of these safety standards, starting with […]

Does My AR/FR Rainwear Meet The Right Standard?

Note: We cover this topic in a more recent post: Which Standards Should My AR / FR Rainwear Pass? Shopping for arc-rated and flame resistant (AR/FR) rainwear? Take a VERY close look at the label. Some rainwear sold on the market as flame resistant is tested and labeled to comply […]

AR/FR Rainwear You Can Trust for Hurricane Season

This is the second post in a three-part series examining the importance of protecting workers with the right AR / FR rainwear during the 2020 hurricane season particularly as COVID-19 has impacted supply levels. Review the season projections in our first post, and look out for our next post to […]

What Should I Look For In AR/FR Rainwear?

This is the final post in a three-part series examining the 2020 hurricane season and the importance of  protecting workers with the right AR / FR rainwear promptly – particularly as COVID-19 has impacted supply levels. Review the season projections in our first post, and explore quality products and service […]

How Do I Know What AR/FR Rainwear Is Right For Me?

The NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center has forecasted another above-normal Atlantic hurricane season in 2021, after increasing the number of storms considered “average” in the Atlantic basin, with a possible return of La Nina later in the 2021 season. COVID-19 continues to play a role in the global supply chain this […]

Which Standards Should My FR Rainwear Pass?

If you’re specifying or purchasing arc-rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) rainwear, it’s critical that you know which standards are used to make compliance claims. Tyndale strongly recommends against accepting or purchasing FR rainwear that is only using ASTM D6413, the vertical flame test, to make those claims. Which […]

The Dangers of Improper Wear: Episode 6 – Consequences of Using the Wrong Rainwear Standard

Dress Confidently for Arc-flash Hazards with ASTM F1891-Rated Protective Rainwear Before you invest in arc-rated or flame resistant (AR / FR) rainwear it is important you’re aware of the standard that the garment passes to allow it to make its FR claim. Specifically, rainwear tested to ASTM D6413, the “Vertical […]

Dangers of Improper Wear Flash Fire: Episode 4 – Consequences of Wearing the Wrong Rainwear

Flame resistant (FR) rainwear that meets the proper ASTM standard is essential for anyone working in an environment with potential flash fire hazards. However, not all rainwear labeled as flame resistant is created equal. Read on to understand why it’s crucial to wear rainwear that meets ASTM F2733: the Standard […]

FRC: How It’s Tested – All Things Testing

You trust your arc-rated and flame resistant (AR / FR) clothing with your life, and for good reason: AR / FR from qualified suppliers like Tyndale undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it will perform as expected in the event of an arc flash or flash fire. But what are the […]