COVID-19 STATEMENT: Tyndale is committed to the safety of our employee members and customers. We have taken appropriate steps to reduce risk to our employee members and the community and are continuously monitoring this evolving situation. Tyndale remains open and fully operational to ensure the ongoing safety of workers requiring flame resistant (FR) clothing products and services. Read Our Statement on COVID-19

At Tyndale, our priority has always been protecting America’s workers and that hasn’t changed. On April 1st, Tyndale received requests for flame resistant surgical-style masks to protect those required to wear FR clothing on the job. Watch the story of how our members worked together to provide one mask to every impacted worker and beyond.

Please Note: These masks are arc rated and FR, but are NOT intended to replace arc flash PPE. They are COVID-19 PPE and eliminate flammability hazard.

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We are FR and so much more. Tyndale offers the widest selection of FR clothing in the industry — both our own US-made products and products from every other leading manufacturer — offering full protection against flash fire and arc flash hazards to help ensure workers get home safe every night. Learn more about the products, services, and programs we offer:

TyndaleFRC Express simplifies FR clothing program set-up for small-to-mid-sized businesses. Create custom catalogs, customize clothing with your company logo, choose FR products from Tyndale, Ariat, Bulwark, Carhartt, Wrangler, NSA and more, track employee purchases and ensure your workers are protected through our easy-to-use portal.

Tyndale's Webinar Wednesday

The Answers to FRC Safety During COVID-19

Join us as we continue the discussion on how to manage the challenges of COVID-19 in your workplace alongside arc flash and flash fire hazards.

Join Us: Wednesday, June 10, 1pm ET



The Tyndale Versa Collection

Reliable FR protection meets day-to-day comfort and style. It's an entirely new way to look at workwear.

Strength In Numbers

Our NEW tool makes it quick and easy to layer items from your closet or catalog for proven arc flash protection.


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