ASTM F2302

Labeling for Protective Clothing as Heat/Flame Resistant (Withdrawn 2017)

ASTM F2302 provides minimum requirements for labeling protective clothing as heat and flame resistant for applications where the potential for flame contact or high heat exposure exists.

  • This specification includes requirements that define heat and flame resistance of materials used in protective clothing. Flame Resistant Clothing should limit injury to the wearer when exposed to high heat or flame.
  • This standard measures and describes the response of materials, products, or assemblies to heat and flame under controlled conditions. However, it does not incorporate all factors required for fire hazard or fire risk assessment of the materials, products, or assemblies under actual fire conditions.

According to ASTM F203-08, the label must include, at minimum:

  • The name of the protective clothing manufacturer
  • The name or style number for the specific item of protective clothing
  • Care instructions for the protective clothing
  • If the garment is not intended to be reused, state “FOR SINGLE USE ONLY.”
  • Information related to the use and limitations of use for the item of protective clothing.
  • The manufacturer shall be permitted to provide information on the use and limitations of use for the item of protective clothing in separate user information if an indication is provided on the label to refer to the separate user information and the user information.
  • A statement indicating compliance with this specification

Please note: This standard has been withdrawn with no replacement.

The standard can be purchased and downloaded from the ASTM website at