Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is designed to keep you safe from hazards that have been identified in your work environment. Here at Tyndale, we offer a variety of task-based arc-rated FRPPE to keep you safe during high voltage electrical maintenance work. Our status as both a manufacturer and distributor enables us to offer a wide selection arc flash PPE: including arc flash kits, arc pants and jackets, CAT 4 coats, CAT 4 hoods, CAT 4 bibs, face masks, and gloves!

We offer custom PPE solutions for NFPA 70E customers. If you need to purchase PPE for your workforce, check out Tyndale’s managed flame resistant apparel program to see how you can reduce hassle and save money!

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  • Tyndale FRC - CAT 4 32” Short Coat
  • Tyndale FRC - CAT 4 Hood with Face Shield
  • Tyndale FRC - CAT 4 Bib Overall
  • NSA FR - IFR Lightweight Arc Jacket
  • NSA FR - IFR Lightweight Arc Pants