Flame Resistant (FR) Rain Gear

Arc-rated flame resistant (FR) rainwear is essential to staying dry and safe during foul weather. Our FR rain jackets and bibs comply with hazard-specific ASTM standards, ASTM 1891 and ASTM 2733. In addition, many also meet ANSI standards for hi-vis to make sure your workers are seen when performing tasks near moving vehicles and equipment – even in challenging lighting conditions and against complex environmental backgrounds. Tyndale offers a variety of arc-rated and flash fire rated rainwear from the most reputable FR brands in the industry – including NASCONSAML Kishigo, and W.L. Gore. You’ll find many great options for keeping your workers dry and comfortable without compromising on safety and compliance.

Interested in adding a separate rainwear allotment program for your workers? Tyndale can establish an FR rainwear program for all of your field workers. Talk to your Tyndale National Account Manager to learn how you can quickly and easily outfit your workforce while saving your organization money and hassle.

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  • Gore FR - Pyrad Rain Bib Overall for Oil & Gas Applications
  • Gore FR - Pyrad Rain Hood for Oil & Gas Applications
  • Gore FR - Pyrad Rain Jacket for Oil & Gas Applications
  • Nasco FR - ArcLite Bib Overall
  • Nasco FR - ArcLite Rain Jacket
  • Nasco FR - Sentinel Rain Bib Overall
  • Nasco FR - Sentinel Rain Jacket