Flame Resistant (FR) Fleeces

Arc-rated flame resistant (FR) fleeces from Tyndale combine comfort and protection, creating a garment that workers want to wear on and off the clock. Our soft FR fleece jackets and sweatshirts keep you warm without adding too much bulk, allowing the movement and flexibility you need to be safe and productive on the job. Tyndale fleeces are available in a variety of styles, and make a perfect outerlayer in mild climates or layering piece in cold weather. Choose from full-zip, quarter-zip, pullover, and vest!

Want to comfortably outfit your workforce for safety and compliance? Contact us to learn more about our time- and cost-saving managed program solution!

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  • Tyndale FRC - Premium Micro-Fleece™ Full-Zip Jacket
  • Tyndale FRC - Premium Micro-Fleece™ 1/4 Zip Jacket
  • Tyndale FRC - Premium Micro-Fleece™ Vest
  • Dragonwear FR - Alpha Fleece Jacket
  • Dragonwear FR - Exxtreme Fleece Nomex Dragonfur Jacket