Tyndale Manufactured FR Clothing Line

In addition to distributing flame resistant (FR) garments from top brands, Tyndale also proudly manufactures our own line of FR garments right here, in the USA. Tyndale’s commitment to 100% Made in USA products ensures efficiency, strict quality control, and provides Americans with jobs that will never be outsourced. When you see a Tyndale logo, you know you are getting American-made quality.

Within our product line, Tyndale offers an unrivaled range of garment sizes and the industry’s largest selection of FR clothing specifically designed for women. Our sophisticated forecasting models drive manufacturing and stocking practices that ensure adequate inventory to allow our Pipersville, PA and Houston, TX distribution centers to fill orders quickly and accurately.

All Tyndale-made garments feature external labeling identifying their arc rating and corresponding PPE Category (CAT) as defined by NFPA 70E, making it easy for safety managers to confirm compliance at a glance.

Our Commitment to Product Quality

Tyndale takes great pride in protecting your workforce with reliable, premium garments. All Tyndale-made FR clothing features fabrics and components sourced – after comprehensive vetting and product testing – from reputable businesses with a track record for accountability. Tyndale tracks every finished garment from fabric and manufacturing lots to the specific worker who receives it to ensure a quick, accurate resolution in the rare instances of a quality issue.

Every product we sell, whether manufactured by Tyndale or another supplier, is subject to layered quality assurance checkpoints. This includes visually inspection for size/color/order accuracy and manufacturing defects at the time it is received and stocked, picked, before and after embellishing, and again during the shipping process. Although fabric testing is the responsibility of the manufacturer, Tyndale is proud to voluntarily take an additional step to audit samples of every bolt of fabric used in our clothing by testing its FR properties in our onsite lab.

Two-fold Product Guarantee

At Tyndale, we don’t just provide the best products and services in the industry – we deliver peace of mind. We stand by all products we sell with our product commitment:

Tyndale warrants all garments we provide against manufacturing or fabric defects for the useful life of the garment. Whether manufactured by Tyndale or one of our suppliers, Tyndale will repair or replace any garment at no charge that is determined at Tyndale’s sole discretion to have a manufacturer’s defect.

Tyndale’s warranty assumes that users follow all laundry and maintenance instructions provided with the garment, and further, take reasonable precautions in the care and use of the garment. If you have any questions or want additional information, please reach out to your National Account Executive.

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  • Tyndale FRC - CAT 4 32” Short Coat
  • Tyndale FRC - CAT 4 Bib Overall
  • Tyndale FRC - CAT 4 Hood with Face Shield
  • Tyndale FRC - Freedom™ Field Coat
  • Tyndale FRC - Heavyweight Active Jacket
  • Tyndale FRC - Heavyweight Insulated Chore Coat 
  • Tyndale FRC - Heavyweight Vest
  • Tyndale FRC - Polartec Ripstop Jacket
  • Tyndale FRC - Premium Crewneck Sweatshirt
  • Tyndale FRC - Premium Flame Resistant Double-Ply Heavyweight Sweatshirt
  • Tyndale FRC - Premium Hooded Sweatshirt with Zipper
  • Tyndale FRC - Premium Lined Hooded Sweatshirt with Zipper
  • Tyndale FRC - Premium Midweight Hooded Sweatshirt
  • Tyndale FRC - Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt
  • Tyndale FRC - Three Season Active Jacket
  • Tyndale FRC – Versa Button Down Work Shirt
  • Tyndale FRC – Versa Fleece Shirt Jacket
  • Tyndale FRC – Versa Henley Shirt
  • Tyndale FRC – Versa Regular Fit Jean
  • Tyndale FRC – Versa Three Button Sweatshirt with Hood
  • Tyndale FRC - Weymouth Hooded Windbreaker
  • Tyndale FRC - Women’s Windy City Parka
  • Tyndale FRC - Broken-In Regular Fit Jeans
  • Tyndale FRC - Flame-Resistant Polartec Baselayer Thermal Top
  • Tyndale FRC - Heavyweight Bib Overall
  • Tyndale FRC - Layer 1 Performance Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  • Tyndale FRC - Premium Micro-Fleece™ Full-Zip Jacket
  • Tyndale FRC - Broken-In Relaxed Fit Jeans
  • Tyndale FRC - Classic Henley Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Tyndale FRC - Flame-Resistant Polartec Baselayer Thermal Bottom
  • Tyndale FRC - Premium Micro-Fleece™ 1/4 Zip Jacket
  • Tyndale FRC - Flame-Resistant Single Ply Balaclava
  • Tyndale FRC - Lightweight Loose-Fit Dungaree Jeans
  • Tyndale FRC - Premium Micro-Fleece™ Vest
  • Tyndale FRC - Rustic Button Down Long Sleeve Work Shirt
  • Tyndale FRC - Flame-Resistant MicroFleece Head Band
  • Tyndale FRC - Rugged Denim Dungaree Jeans
  • Tyndale FRC - Tattersall Button Down Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Tyndale FRC - Flame-Resistant Fleece Hat
  • Tyndale FRC - Summerweight Canvas Pants
  • Tyndale FRC - Tradesman Button Down Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Tyndale FRC - Flame-Resistant Three Pocket Tool Pouch for Belt
  • Tyndale FRC - Utility Cargo Pants
  • Tyndale FRC - Flame-Resistant Two-Pocket Tool Pouch for Belt with Flap
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