Neese FR Clothing

Neese Industries has been a major player in the FR clothing market for over 40 years. As a diversified protective apparel specialists, Neese Industries offers a lineup of garments ranging from inexpensive minimally protective gear to higher quality, less cost efficient gear. If there is a work hazard, chances are, Neese has a garment solution for you. Their protective clothing lines include: NeeseArc, NeeseRainWear, NeeseChemShield, NeeseViz, NeeseWearFR, NeesePublicsafety, NeesePostal, NeeseMarshlander, and NeeseRangeGear. Tyndale FRC offers a variety of FR and arc rated gear from Neese. Check out our socked options below!

Are you looking to protect your workers with Neese FR and arc resistant clothing? If so, check out Tyndale FRC’s managed FR apparel program to discover how you can reduce costs and hassle – all while keeping your workers protected and compliant.

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