DragonWear FR Clothing

DragonWear has been manufacturing flame resistant (FR) clothing, keeping workers safe, for decades. They continuously improve their product lineup by researching and developing new fabrics, designing with modern fashion trends in mind, and testing in the real world. DragonWear has created a complete layering system, providing guidance on how to layer garments for all-season comfort and optimal protection.

Are you interested in outfitting your workforce in DragonWear FR clothing? Check out Tyndale’s managed uniform apparel program to see how you can save money and reduce hassle–all while keeping your workers safe and compliant.

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  • Dragonwear FR - Alpha Fleece Jacket
  • Dragonwear FR - Exxtreme Fleece Nomex Dragonfur Jacket
  • Dragonwear FR - Flame-Resistant Polartec Fleece Hat
  • Dragonwear FR - Power Dry Crewneck Short Sleeve T-Shirt
  • Dragonwear FR - Flame-Resistant Fleece Flip-Top Mittens