Bulwark FR Clothing

Bulwark flame resistant (FR) clothing offers everything you are looking for: comfort, durability, appearance, protection, and functionality. With 44 years in the FR and safety apparel industry, Bulwark has become one of the thought leaders of how FR clothing can and should protect workers in the field.

Do you need to outfit your entire workforce in Bulwark or other FR brand clothing? Check out Tyndale’s managed uniform apparel program to see how you can save money and reduce hassle–all while keeping your workers safe and compliant.

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  • Bulwark FR - Dress Uniform Shirt All Colors
  • Bulwark FR - Hi-Vis Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  • Bulwark FR - iQ Men's Long Sleeve Henley Shirt
  • Bulwark FR - Hi-Vis Work Shirt
  • Bulwark FR - iQ Men’s Long Sleeve Polo
  • Bulwark FR - Cargo Pocket Pant
  • Bulwark FR - Hi-Vis Lined Bomber Jacket
  • Bulwark IQ Long Sleeve Henley Black
  • Bulwark FR - iQ Plus Long Sleeve Henley Charcoal
  • Bulwark FR - Hi-Vis Zip Front Fleece Sweatshirt with Lining
  • Bulwark FR - Long Sleeve Base Layer T-Shirt
  • Bulwark FR - Zip Front Sweatshirt Charcoal